The Stables Collection

Both Beautiful Things

If you're the kind of person that owns a Ferrari, you probably only want the best of the best. You maybe go a little bit beyond what's just practical, and you want to add a sense of style to your life as well. So if you're going to put that Ferrari in a garage, it can't just park it in any old garage with pinboards and tools on the walls. You need to make that garage stylish and unique.

If you're the kind of person that owns a Ferrari, you might find yourself talking to a person like Andre Martinez.

Andre is a classical painter, but is an all-around design guru, working with the likes of Eddie Murphy and John Malkovich on design projects for them while also having done "traditional" projects like painting faux gold in The École nationale supérieure d’architecture in Versailles. And, well, if you're someone like Andre Martinez, you probably won't have just an average video for your work, either.

Last year, Andre worked with my good friend James Drake at 5K Insight about creating a promotional video for his Stables Collection; a decorative wall covering and technique that he created utilizing dirt and grass from the area surrounding a property. The end result is something that not just stands on its own, but actually allows a building to become more a part of its surrounding nature.

For the video, James brought me in to do sound, which was a real treat as the home owner allowed us to use his Ferrari for the shoot. It's not every day you get to record a car like that. While some sounds were added for effect later in post, most of what you hear in the video is what was recorded on the day. Hope you enjoy!

Every horse needs a stable. Extraordinary horses deserve extraordinary stables. Coming home from your ride every day is completed by pulling into a private space that you, your family and your prized collections call home. Turning off the key and shifting from one world to the next requires an effort only understood by few. Each Stable by André is manifested to be one of a kind: Hand crafted from materials surrounding your home that may never be duplicated by others. A truly hand tailored wall treatment within which your collection can find refuge after a hard day of riding. Your home is a sanctuary for all of the creatures that dwell therein.