Red Rocks Amphitheater

It's a Runner's World

Whenever one of my good friends talks about a film set, he always uses the phrase "let's sprint across the finish line". While I don't often think of production in that way, it often is a race to the end. You're always fighting something: light, schedules, fatigue. Sometimes you just have no other option but to suck it up and get it done. 

This last week I joined my good friends at 5K Insight and YamoFilms, again, to gather some behind-the-scenes footage of a photo shoot for Runner's World Magazine. The idea was to get some stair running up at Red Rocks Amphitheater, but before we even got there it was apparent that this would be one of those "sprints across the finish line". Driving on I-70, the skies opened up and enough water pooled on the highway to bring traffic almost to a complete stop in a couple different places. What is usually a 25 minute drive turned into an hour, but the weather seemed to let up once I got on site. 

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Photo courtesy of

After a quick scout, we started filming with our subject, Kayleen McCabe, the host of the DIY network's Rescue Renovations. Running some stairs, trying to stay away from the curious eyes... we were only a few shots in when we were asked to leave by security, even though it's a public space. I've had this problem many times at the amphitheater, and I've never been able to figure out exactly who is allowed to take pictures there.

Either way, after another setback, we ended up in the beautiful Ken Caryl Valley where we got to work again. Not quite the same grandiose appearance as Red Rocks, but it definitely says "Colorado". A light sprinkle starts up throughout the shoot, and by the time we all get the last shot off, we're running for cover as the rain comes in full bore.  

Perhaps it's only appropriate that when you do a photo shoot for a running magazine with a subject whose job it is to make something out of nothing that we would have a couple set backs, but we would ultimately end up with the reality-TV happy ending.