Porter Milner

Sports Illustrated High School Athlete of the Month: Porter Milner

A couple weeks ago, my good friend James Drake, of James Drake Films, and I were able to team up with Sports Illustrated for a spotlight piece on a local high school athlete, Porter Milner, of Broomfield High School. But while Porter is an incredible talent on the soccer field and on the ski slopes, his contributions to his school and his community go far beyond just physical skill. 

Hanging out with Porter for even just a couple days brought into perspective the positive impact that individuals (even at a high school level) can have on those around them. It makes me feel bad about how I spent my own time when I was that age. But Porter was an incredibly humble and down-to-earth kid, and genuinely wanted to help those around him. So if you have time, take a look at his story. It would be great to see more kids like him.