Max Lucado

Spring Clean

It's a wonderful feeling as winter clears from Colorado and everyone starts to come out of their long hibernation. The grass is growing, the birds are chirping and the cameras are rolling! Things always slow down a little bit during the cold months here, but production is ramping back up, and it looks to be a busy month ahead. 

First, here's a quick teaser for Traveling Light with Max Lucado, a series that we shot for TBN last year is starting to trickle online.

The video is also embedded in my video section, along with a clip from Brainstormers, in case you missed its run on TV. Just like that, the first season has come and passed, and overall the buzz around the show is high, so everyone is starting to talk about a Season 2. 

Then, I'm looking forward to everything that's coming up in the next 30 or so days: Two more projects with Leftfield Entertainment out of New York later this month, then at the end of the month I'll be going to Boise, Idaho to film a feature documentary with my good friend Wade Yamaguchi and Fugue State Films out of London. When I get back, I'll have a quick breather before I head up to the mountains to work on an adventure reality series with Switch 10 Productions, a faith-based production company out of Littleton. I'll have more updates and information on all of those sets when I return. 

For now, thanks for checking in and enjoy the beautiful weather that has finally arrived!

Hot, Hot Summer

Just as things have been heating up here in Colorado, work has also been picking up after a slow winter.

To start things off, I added another set to my "tiny house" repertoire last month when Tiny House Nation came to film in Colorado. I'm probably not supposed to hand out too many details since the episode hasn't aired yet, but as you can see from the picture here, the house might be tiny, but the view is larger than life. 

Working at 9000 feet in the mountains above Conifer comes with its own challenges, but the week that we were up there was absolutely unbeatable in terms of being able to get away... get off the grid... Even when it got up to 90+ degrees, it never really felt like work when you could just take a step back and look out into the wilderness beyond.

Apparently I don't get the FYI network (formerly Biography), so I probably won't even get to watch the episode when it airs live, but if you get FYI (Channel 266 on DirecTV) then you can watch new episodes on Wednesdays at 9 PM MST, or as they're posted to the website.

After Tiny House Nation was done, I was able to take a small break with my family as we all went down to visit my brother and my new nephew in Costa Rica! I know that's not strictly work related, but I had to take at least a paragraph to tout such a handsome addition to the family: William Benjamin Sitzman. I don't remember if they tacked on the extra Costa Rican surnames or not. Cute kid!

Immediately after getting back from Costa Rica, however, it was back to work: first, on my house, as both my refrigerator and my furnace broke, and second with my good friend James Drake over at 5K Insight on "Traveling Light", an original TV series featuring Max Lucado. Based on his book by the same name, it will premiere on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (DirecTV 372) sometime in the near future. I'll have more details as the premiere gets closer.

While I'm not really religious, it was a wonderful experience being able to listen to such an eloquent speaker spread his message. And whether you're religious or not, the show has some good reminders for everyone on how to "travel light": leaving behind a lot of the baggage that weighs you down in life and keeps you from living to your full potential. In many ways, it ties into the message that all of the tiny house shows offer these days. Get rid of the things you don't need in your life; whether they be physical, emotional, interpersonal... it's good practice to figure out what weighs you down, then down-sizing or completely removing it from your life. These days we have so much STUFF that instead of making our lives easier, they begin adding stress and unnecessary clutter.

So it's been a good June and July, and things are looking to keep picking up through August, so hopefully I'll have some more great news and clips to share with you as we continue into the second half of the year!