Kellogg Show

Everyone Is Going Tiny!

The video we shot in Olympia, Washington for is now online. Check it out here!

The video above seems all the more relevant considering I just spent this last week driving around Colorado with the Kellogg Family, a group of Colorado natives that gave up home living 2 years ago and have been just traveling around in an RV ever since. The catch is, there's 14 people in their family!


We filmed with the Kelloggs as part of a sizzle reel that they'll eventually pitch to studios, and I think they're great candidates to get their own show. There's probably a lot that the general public can learn from them as they make having 12 children look like a cake walk. All of the kids are extremely well-behaved, and they all help each other out; something that we didn't see from families with even a quarter of the kids while out of the road. They get a lot done through delegation of responsibilities, and just through their love for each other. They all listen to what the others have to say, they work together to accomplish tasks, and they can all live together in a confined space by learning to live with only the necessities in life. It's pretty admirable, especially from the younger children.

It was a great experience and I'll have more information as the sizzle reel makes its way through the networks in order to get picked up.