Feature Film

Making A Killing

It's been a long, good summer, and I haven't been updating the site with news as much as I would have liked, although I've slowly been filtering in new projects on the My Work page and on the Other Clients page. 

Hopefully at some point I'll go into a more extensive rundown (I wrote one out about a week ago and then the website crashed and the post didn't get saved) on what I've been doing, but right now I'm more excited about looking forward, as I leave for Wednesday to do sound on Making A Killing, an independent feature being filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It's an exciting project and I'll have more info as we're able to release it, but the script is great, the cast is great and the crew is going to be top-notch. I'm going to take my camera, so hopefully I can post some BTS shots as well. 

Also, I've been gearing up even more for the shoot, so at some point soon (or probably when I get back) I'll update my gear list with all the cool new stuff that I'll have available to rent. 

Hope productions are going well for everyone. It's been a busy end of summer throughout Colorado, and I hope it's a trend that only continues to climb.