David Griesinger

Cutting Edge

Back at the beginning of the year, I got a call for a last second shoot (Thanks for the forward, David!) at the Children's Hospital here in Aurora, and I showed up, not really knowing what the gig was all about. I knew it was a short interview scene, and I figured it had something to do with health or medicine, but come to find out after working with them again the following weekend that it was part of a new series that's going to be airing nationally on Fox Sports. I try to keep up on when all of the projects I work on get sent out into the world, but this one almost slipped by me. But here it is!

Cutting Edge MD

Each week, we will take you through a fascinating journey, and learn about the risks of common sports injuries.
Two athletes, leaders in their disciplines, will take us through their painful trauma & Injuries.
We’ll review the most recent research, treatments and rehabilitation methods, and get to know some very interesting athletes from the inside out. We’ll watch the athletes rebound and take back control of their lives.

It's an incredibly interesting concept, and the best part (or maybe the worst part for the squeamish) is that they actually show the surgeries. It might be seen as disgusting, but I figure it's sometimes good to get a reminder that we're all just flesh and bone. So if you can handle a little blood and some amazing human tales of pain and sacrifice, check out the show, which premieres next week. I'm not entirely sure which episode is which, so I don't know exactly which one I worked on, so feel free to check them all out. Here's the upcoming schedule for the Rocky Mountain region, with the premiere on Monday, March 10th.

Also, here's a teaser for the series, if you're still not sure it's for you...


Mennonite Made

Last year, right after the floods here in Colorado, I signed on to be the location sound mixer for a reality show pilot with National Geographic. Well, I guess it got picked up, because it's airing next week! The show is called Mennonite Made, and it's a build show that centers around a Mennonite family that works together to build log cabins. The pilot centers around a cabin build up in Estes Park, and highlights some of the challenges they faced getting the log trucks into the neighborhood after entire roads had been wiped out. Plus, they had to work through heavy winds and freezing cold weather. Should be fun to watch so that I can relive all of those struggles myself. Ha!


Overall, it was a great experience and it helped me grow immensely as a sound engineer and as a filmmaker in general. To be able to work on a crew that size, and to see them build a house around us in just three days, it stood as a true testament (some religious humor there) to the work that can be done in such a short amount of time. When it comes down to having a job to do, you just have to get it done, no matter what the struggles might be.

The episode airs three times next week, the first time on Tuesday at 10PM ET, then again at Midnight ET. For more details on the show, as well as where and when you can catch it, check out the website here.