Sheridan Bridge Demolition

A couple months back I worked with Ames construction company to photograph the demolition of the Wadsworth bridge. Since then, I've worked on a couple other small projects with them, but I finally got the opportunity to do another bridge demo. This one didn't seem like it was going to be as much fun as the other one... until they brought out the torch. I think they said it burns oxygen and magnesium, and it burns somewhere between 9,000 and 12,000 degrees. They said it can burn your retinas from 100 yards away. Well, at least it will make for some really cool pictures!

Demolition Man

A while back, I helped out on a timelapse project for CDOT  and Ames Construction Company while they installed girders for the new Wadsworth bridge over US36. Wade Yamaguchi of YamoFilms did the timelapse and I compiled the footage for them to distribute to news stations and to the internet. I was a little bummed out that he got to do all of the field work, and I just had to sit at the computer and do the grunt work, so I was happy when this last week I had a chance to head out for a different project they had. Since the new bridge was now in place, they had to take the old one down, so I went out and took stills of the demolition.

What was originally scheduled to be a three-night event was over in one night, however, as the demolition crews used their machines like toys and quickly disassembled the bridge in massive chunks. Starting at 9:30 PM, it was all said and done by about 3:00 AM so the road could be reopened for morning traffic. Pretty impressive. If only the rest of the road work in the Denver area moved as quickly and smooth as this.  

Below are some select (bite-size) stills from that night.