Bob Penkhus

New / Used Part 2

The second commercial in the Bob Penkhus "New/Used" series is online now!

* Besides the commercial being funny, it was a fun shoot for me as it was a reunion of sorts. I've worked with Dean Satriano (the guy eating the used burger) quite a few times in the past. He's a great actor and a great person besides that, but I was surprised when the other guy (his name is Matt) said I looked familiar. About halfway through the shoot he got that light bulb moment. Ding! We lived in the dorms together in CSU back in 2004/2005. He lived down on the far end of the hall so we didn't talk a whole lot back then, but it was good to cross paths again and catch up for a while. Neither of us knew that the other had any interest in video, let alone made a living that way, so it was interesting to go back and forth about how we'd both ended up in the same place.

It reminds me of the quote from the Cheshire Cat in "Alice In Wonderland": "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there". You might not always know where your life is leading you, and there's an infinite number of paths to take along the way, but as long as you find whatever small mile markers you can, it might be enough to at least let you know that you're not lost.