Andrew Millican


I should've posted this video with the last update I just did, but it got a little lost in the mix.

A couple months ago, right as we were going into heavy post production on the PEIVDF promotional video, I got an email from Andrew Millican, a local musician that was looking to make a music video for one of his songs. It seemed like a great opportunity to trade my work for the ability to use some of his music in the PEIVDF video. So we set that up.

The video that he was looking for came with some unique challenges:

  • He wanted the video to be filmed while they were recording in a live environment: Mammoth Cave Studios in Denver.
  • The entire band was going to be playing all at the same time.
  • There was no guarantee of a certain number of takes. If they were happy with the first take, they would stop after that.

What those challenges translated into in terms of how I could shoot was:

  • I mostly had to stay set once I was set, otherwise they might pick up some of my movements in the recording.
  • I had to plan out shots that would give me depth access to as many musicians as possible, even if I had to pan, tilt or rack focus to get to them.
  • I would need to get some B-Roll ahead of time, just in case they did one take and nailed it.
  • Also, I would have to hope that their playing was consistent enough across the multiple takes that I could cut images from one take with the audio of another and not have it out of sync.
  • AND, I would have to try to light for every angle of the entire group at once since I wouldn't have time to reset in between takes. This, I wasn't quite as worried about, but I still wanted it to look as professional as possible, while still maybe giving off the tone that I wanted for the song.

Since I'd never done anything quite like this before, I just had to give it my best shot, hope for the best, and get enough B-roll and closeups to help fill in the gaps. Check out the finished product.

While it's not perfect, I hope I addressed most of what Andrew and his band wanted, and in return he was gracious enough to let us use his songs "Ursa Major" and "The Far Away Sea" in the Peter Emily video.

Hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to comment with any additional questions, comments or feedback that you might have.