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It Stops With Me

The promotional video for the Sexual Assault/Sex Trafficking video that I had the pleasure of working on with James and Hannah Drake is online.

The videos that I helped with are in a 4-part series that will be available to schools, church groups and other groups who are looking to spread awareness of this overlooked problem in America. As of now, those groups will have to order the materials from online in order to view them so they probably won't be widely available online, but if you're interested in this issue or would like more information about the group, Unlock Freedom, you can find their website here.


Triple D

Yesterday we got to working filming the grand finale to the Unlock Freedom project, a series of PSAs on sex and other human trafficking which will be airing in high schools around the country. Dave Dugdale (or Triple D as we liked to call him) was on hand to shoot B-Cam with his GH4, and he put together a BTS video for his website: LearningDSLRVideo.com.

Check out his post about his experience and see the BTS video here, or check out just the video below. 

It was a pleasure getting to work with Dave, and to see his work with the beautiful GH4, and I'm excited to see how the whole Unlock Freedom series comes together when it's released next month. 

Both Beautiful Things

If you're the kind of person that owns a Ferrari, you probably only want the best of the best. You maybe go a little bit beyond what's just practical, and you want to add a sense of style to your life as well. So if you're going to put that Ferrari in a garage, it can't just park it in any old garage with pinboards and tools on the walls. You need to make that garage stylish and unique.

If you're the kind of person that owns a Ferrari, you might find yourself talking to a person like Andre Martinez.

Andre is a classical painter, but is an all-around design guru, working with the likes of Eddie Murphy and John Malkovich on design projects for them while also having done "traditional" projects like painting faux gold in The École nationale supérieure d’architecture in Versailles. And, well, if you're someone like Andre Martinez, you probably won't have just an average video for your work, either.

Last year, Andre worked with my good friend James Drake at 5K Insight about creating a promotional video for his Stables Collection; a decorative wall covering and technique that he created utilizing dirt and grass from the area surrounding a property. The end result is something that not just stands on its own, but actually allows a building to become more a part of its surrounding nature.

For the video, James brought me in to do sound, which was a real treat as the home owner allowed us to use his Ferrari for the shoot. It's not every day you get to record a car like that. While some sounds were added for effect later in post, most of what you hear in the video is what was recorded on the day. Hope you enjoy!

Every horse needs a stable. Extraordinary horses deserve extraordinary stables. Coming home from your ride every day is completed by pulling into a private space that you, your family and your prized collections call home. Turning off the key and shifting from one world to the next requires an effort only understood by few. Each Stable by André is manifested to be one of a kind: Hand crafted from materials surrounding your home that may never be duplicated by others. A truly hand tailored wall treatment within which your collection can find refuge after a hard day of riding. Your home is a sanctuary for all of the creatures that dwell therein.

Hot, Hot Summer

Just as things have been heating up here in Colorado, work has also been picking up after a slow winter.

To start things off, I added another set to my "tiny house" repertoire last month when Tiny House Nation came to film in Colorado. I'm probably not supposed to hand out too many details since the episode hasn't aired yet, but as you can see from the picture here, the house might be tiny, but the view is larger than life. 

Working at 9000 feet in the mountains above Conifer comes with its own challenges, but the week that we were up there was absolutely unbeatable in terms of being able to get away... get off the grid... Even when it got up to 90+ degrees, it never really felt like work when you could just take a step back and look out into the wilderness beyond.

Apparently I don't get the FYI network (formerly Biography), so I probably won't even get to watch the episode when it airs live, but if you get FYI (Channel 266 on DirecTV) then you can watch new episodes on Wednesdays at 9 PM MST, or as they're posted to the FYI.tv website.

After Tiny House Nation was done, I was able to take a small break with my family as we all went down to visit my brother and my new nephew in Costa Rica! I know that's not strictly work related, but I had to take at least a paragraph to tout such a handsome addition to the family: William Benjamin Sitzman. I don't remember if they tacked on the extra Costa Rican surnames or not. Cute kid!

Immediately after getting back from Costa Rica, however, it was back to work: first, on my house, as both my refrigerator and my furnace broke, and second with my good friend James Drake over at 5K Insight on "Traveling Light", an original TV series featuring Max Lucado. Based on his book by the same name, it will premiere on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (DirecTV 372) sometime in the near future. I'll have more details as the premiere gets closer.

While I'm not really religious, it was a wonderful experience being able to listen to such an eloquent speaker spread his message. And whether you're religious or not, the show has some good reminders for everyone on how to "travel light": leaving behind a lot of the baggage that weighs you down in life and keeps you from living to your full potential. In many ways, it ties into the message that all of the tiny house shows offer these days. Get rid of the things you don't need in your life; whether they be physical, emotional, interpersonal... it's good practice to figure out what weighs you down, then down-sizing or completely removing it from your life. These days we have so much STUFF that instead of making our lives easier, they begin adding stress and unnecessary clutter.

So it's been a good June and July, and things are looking to keep picking up through August, so hopefully I'll have some more great news and clips to share with you as we continue into the second half of the year!