Eight Days at Base

Last night I was lucky enough to get to head out to Golden with my good friend and work partner, Ross Smith, so he could accept the award for "Best Promotional Film" from USHPA (the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) for the film that we worked on together, "Eight Days at Base". 

Filmed in the Summer of 2014 near Salida, Colorado, we followed the participants and show runners of the 2014 Colorado Fly Week event, an eight day event filled with hang gliding, paragliding, music, good food... and DANGER! There were highs and lows to the event, and luckily no one was TOO seriously injured, but it was a great experience being able to follow around these amazing daredevils as they go about participating in their extraordinary hobby. 

If you would like to see the trailer for the film, you can see it here, or you can buy a copy of the DVD here. Ross did an amazing job of compiling all of the footage, and I was lucky enough to be there to film everything. But congratulations to Ross! Hope we can do it all again this year!