Summertime Fun

Summer is a time to get outdoors and explore, so I don't feel all that bad for not updating my news feed as much recently. I've been out and about and all over the place, and I hope you have too. 

To catch you up on some of the goings-on around my side of town, in the last two months I've worked on an adventure reality show that was shot as part of a Christian Sunday school curriculum, went to Wyoming to film with three former and current governors, worked on two different food/travel show pilots that are based here in Denver, got to work the sidelines and locker room at the MLS All-Star game while getting to meet some of my sports heroes, and finished it all off with a 48 hour film and commercials for Microsoft and Koios and a safe sex PSA for high schools around the country. 

Phew. It's been a fun summer. I'll continue to update the website with examples of the work as it becomes available. 

I also added some more gear to my inventory. Feel free to check out my gear rental list to see if you need anything for your next project. 

While the summer is starting to wind down, I'm looking forward to what usually turns out to be a busy fall, and I'll be planning for a trip that I'm taking to South America in January and February, which will also lead to... MORE NEW FUN GEAR! This time I'll be bolstering and updating my camera gear, which has always been a fun side hobby for me, so I'm really looking forward to getting some new "toys". 

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the nice summer weather.