The Colorado Quitline commercial that has been playing for a couple weeks on local TV is now available online. Check it out!

While there wasn't always a lot for me to do in the moment on this commercial, what with generators running. music playing and busy locations, it's always interesting to work in a different workflow. Most of the sound that I recorded for this commercial are the "sweeteners". Those little pieces that you hear behind the voiceover and behind the music. Some laughter here, a splash of water there... While it might not seem like an enthralling day, it's nice to see the effect that these small touches have on the final product. 

Beyond recording the audio, this was a great project to be a part of because it taught me a lot about every other aspect of commercial filmmaking as well. Working with Stephen Vidano as director is a great pleasure and he's a great example of how you can work in high-stress situations but still keep your cool. It was also a lot of fun watching the lighting and grip team work as they cooly set up 4Ks and 6Ks and all kinds of other lights that would put most sets these days to shame. In a time when cameras can shoot at incredibly high ISOs and are therefore able to work with just a few foot-candles of light, it's nice to see a proper lighting setup where you're not relying entirely on the technology to create the shot for you. 

I hope you like it and, if you smoke, I hope it can help lead you in the direction you'd like to go. 

They are have a Spanish version of the video here