Date: The Play

Date-The Play.jpg

Date: The Play, a multi-media play about online dating which I worked on a couple months ago, is finally coming to an Austin, Texas near you!  

This project was completely different than any other I've worked on before or since. Back at the beginning of the year, Luci Lajoie approached a friend of mine to see if we could shoot some interviews. Pretty straight-forward, then she went on to explain that she runs a one-person theater play which incorporates video elements into the design.

Having this setup gives an entirely unique perspective from which to approach the subject matter. How do you shoot interviews when they'll be projected above an on-stage character? Will they just turn into genies floating above the crowd? How do you expose video so it's properly projected, sometimes in the dark, sometimes in the light? Where do you place them in the frame when you don't always know which way they'll be facing when projected? You don't want them looking off-stage.  

These were all questions which arose when looking at a project like this, and in the end, we didn't have all of the answers. And in a way, there are no real answers to some of them.  

Either way, it was a pleasure to work on and gave me a chance to expand my mind a little about what media really is, and the different ways that we can use it to tell a story.