Marc 'N Cleo


The past two days, I had the great pleasure of working with the crew of Marc N Cleo, an independent feature film directed by A. Raven Cruz. While principal photography wrapped a couple months ago, they went back for a couple days of pickups to finish everything out.

Several of my friends worked on the shoot during principal photography, but I was wrapped up on another project at the time so I wasn't able to join them then. That's why it was all the more bizarre to catch all the bits and pieces that the film was missing in order for it to all come together. A shot from high up in the trees here, a green screen shot in a factory there... without having read the script, it all seems very strange, but incredibly intriguing. It often happens that when you wrap a project it's hard to watch the finished product because there's so many stories attached to the footage that were actually happening off screen. For once it will be cool to watch the finished product and get to put together all of the pieces as I go.