I am a Colorado native who decided very early on to not limit myself to just one area of filmmaking. In fact, my filmmaking career didn't start in film at all, but rather in sound studios, recording bands. In 2007, I moved to Byron Bay, Australia to go to the School of Audio Engineering, and while studio recording ended up not being the path that I wanted to take, I was able to transfer my knowledge of recording systems into the film world when I decided to return home to Colorado a year later.

Pursuing a degree as a writer/director, I honed many of my skills as a well-rounded filmmaker before the calling for sound came back to me. When word had spread that I had gone to school for recording, my time at film school began to split evenly between the theoretical and the practical sides of filmmaking. By the time I graduated from the Colorado Film School and Regis University in the Spring of 2012, I had worked on over 100 productions, including clients such as Ducati Racing, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the Denver Broncos and the alternative-country band, Train, while spanning most of the western United States and 3 different countries. During that time, I became well versed in production sound mixing, cinematography, production design, production management and assistant directing, all while getting my screenwriting degree. These vast experiences have given me the deserved respect for each department, and each individual crew member on a film set.

While working in the industry, I've continued to expand my reach, not in different positions on set, or throughout different parts of the country, but also in different platforms. I've worked on feature films, commercials with a global reach, documentary television and live theater performances and have collaborated with government agencies, professional sports organizations, and non-profits groups across the country. 

In early 2017, I relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in order to work more in feature productions, and to expand my list of contacts. 

It is my belief that no project is too large or too small for me. The stories which are told in film transcend the budget which is given to them, so every story deserves to find its audience, regardless of the scale. It's my goal to help all filmmakers tell their stories in the most effective way possible, while always striving to accomplish the highest level of production value possible. Every set features its own challenges, which means there's always more to learn and different avenues to explore.